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Terms and Agreement

Customer responsible for items from the time of delivery (or Pick-up) to time of return. Broken, Damaged or Missing Equipment will be charged at our replacement cost.

Be sure equipment is secured when not in use and protected from weather.

When picking up or accepting delivery of equipment be sure you have received all of the items on your reservation. If the item(s) are not correct or acceptable, we need to know immediately in order to remedy the situation.


All rates are quoted based on a one day event. Longer term rates are available upon request. Rental is charged for time out, whether used or not. Prices are subject to change without notice.

A deposit is required when making a reservation. This may be done by a valid major credit card or by cash in person. The balance should be paid at the time of Pick-up or when accepting delivery. If an order is paid by cheque and the cheque is returned, the customer is responsible for all charges charged by the bank due to the Cheque return. Cancelled orders are subject to cancellation charge.

A Security deposit is required when picking up the items or when receiving the items. This may be done by a major credit card. The security deposit covers charges for missing or abused rental items, mildewed or damaged linens, cleaning fees on items not reasonably cleaned, additional labour and/or services performed and additional rent on late returns. The entire security deposit will be refunded if items returned per agreement.

Customers picking up items must have a valid driver’s license or a photo Identification with them. The customer must also bring a valid credit card if the payment is being made on it or if it is used as a security deposit.

Delivery and pick-up services is available at a reasonable charge depending on the delivery area. A minimum order requirement should be met for our regular delivery charges. Orders less than the minimum order will also be considered for delivery, for an extra charge. (to find out more, please check under Delivery & Pick-up Policy.