Did you know?
The photo on the old #Jamiacan Two (2) dollar Note was taken from a actual photo of Central Branch Primary in 1962.
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  1. my_worldasiseeit says:

    @wildridesja a lot of Jamaicans will be intrigued…if it’s even to get head of them and arrange them in the same order…it might be challenging to get them all together

  2. 416_chemist says:

    @my_worldasiseeit @wildridesja a $2 bill in 1962??? It wasnt until 1969 Jamaican Currency went into circulation ..

  3. wildridesja says:

    @my_worldasiseeit would be a challenge worth doing, something historical for the younger generation.

  4. yahteba says:

    Punany_Chemist…. The photo was taken in 1962. Some years later it was used on the $2 bill!! Is that impossible? Anyways, lovely photo, depicting our motto!!