Safety Protocols for All Events

Wild Rides & Party Rentals Staff that have symptoms, diagnosed with COVID-19, or who are under self-quarantine will not report to work for events.
Wild Rides & Party Rentals Staff that exhibit symptoms of illness during the event will be removed from the site of attractions immediately.
Wild Rides & Party Rentals Staff will practice Social Distancing whenever possible.
Event Staff will wear Face Coverings at Site.
All Attractions will be cleaned & sanitized before the event and after the event.
Disinfecting spray & wipes will be provided at event as needed for sanitizing attractions between guests.
Staff will observe good rules of hand washing and/or use hand sanitiser during the event.
The above actions will be followed according to local, state, and federal requirements at the time the event takes place.
Additional procedures can be added based on the attractions selected for the event