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Welcome to Wild Rides Party Rentals.

Thank you for visiting Wild Rides Party Rentals Jamaica’s any size event party company. Wild Rides is proud to be one of the largest party companies in Jamaica, whether large or small we have the capacity to handle them all. Larger corporate events to the smallest kids backyard party. Our unique approach has catapulted us to the top in terms of variety, quality of service and price.

Wild Rides Party Rentals has the best bounce house rentals, fun days, inflatable water slide rentals, fun games, and party rentals. Your guests will talk about your kids birthday party or special occasion for years to come.

I used them for my daughter's birthday party and the service was impeccable! The customer service surpassed my expectations; the staff was down to earth while maintaining their professionalism, which tends to be rare in our present time. Another observation was that their supplies were very clean, it was evident that they took pride in cleanliness. I highly recommend using them and will definitely be using them again myself.
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O'Shane Hall
17:17 26 Jul 20
Excellent Service Wild Rides Party Rentals is that one stop company which supplies your needs for your event. The service is impeccable and they provide quality equipment that will enhance any event you’re hosting. The staff is well trained and their service knows no boundaries as they will go all out to satisfy the customer needs. Call them today, you won’t be disappointed.
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Noel McBeam
17:49 26 Jul 20
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17:46 14 Jun 18
Great company...
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Romaine Unruly
15:57 29 Oct 18
This is a one stop shop for all party and event rentals. Wonderful staff memorable experience
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Zodian Edwards
16:56 06 Oct 18
Excellent Service, These guys came through for me in a clutch and allowed us to plan and execute a birthday party on very short notice. Despite getting a last minute call, they were on time, brought the fun and most importantly, did it at a reasonable price. Would highly reccomend it to anyone.
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Colwyn Henton
14:40 26 Jul 20
If you’re looking for a well organized affordable place to rent all your party supplies and rides then “Wild Rides party and Rental” is the place to call. They are very professional and customer service is friendly and they’re always on time. So next time you’re planning an event you know where to go. You won’t be disappointed 🥳🥳
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Merita Bagaloo
17:15 26 Jul 20
The team at Wild Rides Party Rentals made our event planning experiences great! The service and support always exceeded our expectations and the equipment has always been reliable. We look forward to making many more memorable experiences for our patrons and are happy to continue to work with the team at Wild Rides Party Rentals in creating those experiences.
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Calvin A. Hunter
23:40 28 Jul 20
I rented items for my sister’s 13th birthday party and they did not disappoint!. They gave me great ideas on the best rides and decor to use to make the best of the day; they delivered and set everything up on time, I did not have to worry about a thing! Their customer service was excellent; I’m definitely using their services again
photo - Wild Rides
Samoya Young
20:16 05 Aug 20
Very friendly and accommodating to my son's birthday party. Wild Rides made it a very exciting day. Air toys are clean and spacious. Kids will have a blast.
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Buddy Bud
17:23 26 Jul 20
What can I say, the name says it all. Offering variety in Party rental needs to various audience. Wild Rides Party Rental delivers the tools, service and attention required for your satisfaction.
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Paul Allen
19:34 08 Jul 19
Nice vibes
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Shawana Atkinson
14:15 10 Dec 19
Wild Rides party rentals is an exceptional company that gives the customer whatever is requested and in an efficient manner. I found them to be up to date with the current situation being faced in our country and around the world. They have minimized risk factors by implementing rules for the rides. Proper sanitation of rides and protection for the users of these rides. Their staff members have been trained and equipped with the tools needed for safety measures. I personally do hope that this practice will continue even after we have come out of this pandemic.
photo - Wild Rides
Alison Gardner White
15:31 26 Jul 20
photo - Wild Rides
Courtney Jones
04:32 07 Mar 20
I chose Wild Rides to host my son's upcoming birthday before CoVID-19 got to Jamaica, I paid my deposit 2 months in advance. With CoVID hitting Jamaica and the social distancing implications, I quickly informed Wild Rides about the cancellation of the event and asked about their refund policy. I was told by their customer service rep in March, before their closure, that my refund was "in progress" and that I'd be contacted. However, I was the one initiating all contact; when said was initiated today I was told the likes of "I'm sorry, all refund have been suspended until after CoVID-19". That's laughable Wild Rides, as the virus is projected to be in the populace for at least the next two years! Notwithstanding the above, I'm all about amicable solutions and would love to speak with a representative from Wild Rides (preferrably not customer support) by the end of this week. I may be contacted at [email protected] If not, I'll file a claim against Wild Rides with my bank. Looking forward to hearing from you! Blessings!
photo - Wild Rides
Tiffany Pusey
16:56 04 May 20
I had them as entertainment for the kids at my wedding, I told them set up time was 4pm, they came at 2pm and then told me at 7pm that my 5 hours were finished. Couldn't talk to them or anything. Worst part of my magical day.
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Kristen Brown
15:42 23 Aug 18
01268 BANNER PSA - Wild Rides
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